University of El-imam El-Mahdi was given the name of El-imam El-Mahdi to dignify and commemorate El-imam El-Mahdi, the leader of mahdadian revolution which fixed the principles of the Islamic state in sudan.

In accordance with the university law of 1995, the university is a house for science, it works for collecting, teaching, and developing its curricular.



Global leadership and excellence in the generation industry.


Providing excellent education and authentic scientific research to serve the community and strengthen the spiritual values.

University Staff Promotion Committee
2018-10-16 07:41:50

The Promotion committee started its meetings for promotions of (technicians-employees-workers-security staff) on 8/10/2018. The Human...
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Initiation of Electronic Archiving Processes in the Human Resources Department
2018-10-16 07:30:08

The state is in the process of introducing the electronic system in various fields to...
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University Council of Deans Discusses Performance Reports for Examination and Registration Process f
2018-10-09 13:20:51

Rector of El-Imam Elmahdi University, Prof. Nor Al-Daem Osman headed the meeting of the University...
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Promotion Committee Awarded Professorship and Associate Professor Degrees
2018-10-09 13:00:50

The Promotion Committee at El Imam Elmahdi University headed by the rector of university, Prof....
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